TOPKAPI Palace: The Palace and museum tour that exhibits the Treasury of the Ottoman Empire

Sultan AHMET Mosque: A tour of the Sultan Ahmet Ahmet Mosque, famous for its 6 Minaretesi, magnificent architecture and Iznik tiles

Hippodrome: The Sultanahmet square tour with some works such as Wilhelm II German fountain, Theodosius obelisk, Serpentine pillar.

HAGIA Sophia: A tour of Hagia Sophia, where you can observe the interior and exterior architecture of Hagia Sophia, which synthesizes Christianity and Islam.


BOSPHORUS Bridge: (15 July Bridge) The magnificent Bosphorus Bridge connects the European continent and the Asian continent.

TWO Continents: Europe and Asia Continents

Maiden’S Tower: During the boat trip, you will be approached by the Maiden Tower and have the opportunity to examine. (The Maiden’s tower is not included in the excursion.)

ÇAMLICA Hill: One of the highest points of the Asian continent, Çamlıca Hill with spectacular views from the top floor of Istanbul.

BOAT Tour: A boat tour where you can enjoy Istanbul from the sea and visit the Asian and European continents.

Rumeli Fortress: You will have the opportunity to approach and examine Rumeli fortress during the boat trip. (The inside of the Rumeli Citadel is not included in the trip.)

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