About Us

About Us

We are committed to making people feel better and happier in health and aesthetics, almost knowing that people see themselves in the mirror more beautiful or handsome in the sense that their self-confidence increases and that they communicate more quickly with people.

Research conducted; He/she found that primarily those who were satisfied with his health, as well as his/her external appearance, were more likely to be more at peace with himself/herself, more successful in his/her business and social relations, and could be happier in their love and marriage lives.

To date, we have been instrumental in meeting the needs of thousands of people in need of health and aesthetics by the right institutions.

The most important common reason for us is bringing customer satisfaction to the forefront. We have seen that; Anyone who has been served by us once again consults us for a new need. For this reason, we have established Mor Medikal to combine our experiences in health and aesthetics with the aim of mediating the best and highest quality service to most people.



To make people feel better in terms of health and aesthetics. To meet people in need of service in health and aesthetics with the right institutions to meet this need. To be the institution that provides the best and the highest quality service in health and aesthetics fields.

Our field of expertise firm the effectiveness of our national and international markets in order to increase efficiency and continuously improve their methods, which pioneered the industry to be trusted and respected institution in Turkey. To provide customer satisfaction and loyalty with high-quality service.

MOR Medical Aesthetics Products and Health Services Firm have a project managing with many experiences of Product Distributorship and Brand Awareness, and a supervisor with over 20 years experience in the areas Hair Transplantation and Hair Treatment and Hospital Management, and experienced team in Public Relations, Sales and Marketing.



Lara Özden Güngör


Mevhibe Kılıç



İAfter completing her business administration education; has worked in a company that manufactures textile machinery as a brand manager, corporate marketing in a telecommunication company, and after establishing her own company and dealing with food and real estate trade. But her interest was always in Medical Aesthetics and Health sectors that forced her to continue her career in this sectors since 2008. She continued her career in the beauty, medical aesthetic, laser system devices, technical equipment sales, and service.

After completing her education in business administration, she provided thousands of national and international patients with the services of the institutions she was managing in the fields of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplantation and Hair Treatments during her hospital management for 20 years. Thanks to her, for many years, the company has made great contributions to the tourism industry. Her career with 20 years of experience continues as a product manager in one of the best-known hospital of Turkey.

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